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Råängen is made up of different strands which will be realised between 2017 and 2023 including temporary and permanent commissions, residencies, public events and seminars. The end date marks the Cathedral’s 900th anniversary of the consecration of the east altar in the crypt in 1123.

Nathan Coley

Photo: Marc Doradzillo

We are delighted that British artist Nathan Coley has accepted our invitation to be the first artist to be commissioned for the Råängen programme. Coley is an internationally renowned artist who is interested in belief systems and how the values of a society are articulated in the architecture and public spaces it produces. He uses architectural forms and text works to unearth social, political and ideological structures.

To mark the beginning of our conversation with Lund residents and visitors, an existing lightwork by Coley was installed adjacent to Lund Cathedral. Coley’s new work for the Church’s land in Brunnshög will remain on site from June 2018 to March 2019.

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Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens

Heaven installed for the launch of Råängen, November 2017. Photo: Peter Westrup.

Nathan Coley’s sculpture ‘Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens’ was installed on Krafts Torg, between Lund Cathedral’s apse and the Bishop’s house from November 2017 to March 2018. 

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And We Are Everywhere

And We Are Everywhere, 2018. Photo: Peter Westrup.

A major new commission by Nathan Coley for Brunnshög was launched on 2 June 2018 and will remain on site until spring 2019.

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Brendeland & Kristoffersen

In 2018 and ‘19 we will introduce a series of temporary structures into the Brunnshög landscape that encourage visitors to explore the site and develop a way of thinking about the extension of Lund. These structures might consist of bridges, viewing platforms, performative spaces and picnic sites, and will be designed to take people on a journey through the landscape.

The starting point will consist of a larger shelter, located near the proposed tram stop, which provides space for small gatherings, refreshments and workshops. The structures will be in situ for five years, or until the development programme commences, and will inform the spatial planning of the area.

Norwegian architects Brendeland & Kristoffersen have been appointed to work with us on this commission. Geir Brendeland and Olav Kristoffersen have developed a wide-ranging practice over the past fifteen years, designing buildings, teaching students and thinking through the implications of building in the 21st century. Mainly known for their ambitious and unique approach to housing, urban development and social provision, they have also carried out a number of temporary, sometimes peripatetic, projects including exhibitions, installations and public interventions. Both Brendeland and Kristoffersen teach in the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, which situates their practice within a critical discourse.

Their interest in Råängen stems from a broad commitment to a common good; an interest in issues relating to land ownership, communal ways of living, vernacular architecture, craft and local materials. Many of their projects involve communal activities that engage a broad range of people, including teenagers, children and adults. Their involvement in Råängen will help set the tone for future development on the Church’s land in Brunnshög and will involve collaboration with Lund Muncipality and the University.

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