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Work in progress

Brendeland & Kristoffersen’s permanent commission for Brunnshög will be completed in spring 2021. Designed as a walled garden for people to congregate, cook, talk and exchange ideas, it will be enclosed on three sides with a simple brick wall. This new space has echoes in the British garden city movement of the late 19th century that prioritised quality of life, craftsmanship and access to parks and gardens. The project offers the architects an opportunity to further investigate current interests and research areas relating to urban expansion, the relationship of the urban to the rural, and what it means to live close to a city. An artist will be commissioned to devise a programme of events, workshops, screenings and talks that bring people to the garden and create a dialogue with local groups and organisations.


Statement by Brendeland & Kristoffersen

Brunnshög is changing
From landscape to city
From farming to tarmac

The land and the vegetation will be transformed. The horizon will change. The farmland, cultivated through hundreds of years of human labour, will soon be history. Where the wheat once grew, there will be buildings, streets and bike lanes.

Lund Cathedral’s land in Brunnshög will be made up of many homes but it will need proper public spaces to become city. Our proposal is that the transformation of the Cathedral’s land should start with the offering of a gift to the present and future citizens of Lund:

A public space
A garden
A place for plants
A place for people

Our concept: An urban garden from the centre of Lund has drifted into Brunnshög. This garden, now in the landscape, will be installed on a plot near the edge of the proposed new development, before any other urban structures are built. The garden is enclosed on three sides by a two-metre tall brick wall made of 25,000 recycled local bricks. Red and yellow. The brick bond references old brick walls which can be found in the city centre. The fourth side of the enclosure is open. Facing south east and overlooking the landscape. Framing a view of farmland, power lines, groups of trees. Horizon.

Between the landscape and the garden, a brick floor. On this floor, a large wooden communal table. A beautifully crafted water post. An oven to make food.  Above this, a huge canopy. An 8m x 44m lightweight steel space frame. The edges covered in translucent glass. At night LED lamps transform the canopy into a shimmering glow.

Inside the enclosure is the garden. We picture this as a courtyard with lush vegetation. Groups of trees and islands of plants. A pool reflecting the sky. A large, readymade greenhouse with a stove for public meetings and groups. The installation reflects on the metamorphosis of the landscape from wheat crops to other types of vegetation: fruit, flowers and trees. Farming becomes gardening.

We would describe our project as a pause. A pause in the landscape. A future pause among the buildings. A place to meet, gather and talk.

At first the new construction will appear as an object in the landscape. Growing from the ground. In time it becomes a void in the city.

A public space. For everyone.