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Throughout 2018 and ‘19 we will be holding a wide range of public events, seminars, field trips and picnics with Lund residents, architects, planners, geographers, academics, artists, local politicians, curators and developers to debate the nature of the Church’s development, the commissioning programme, other models of urban expansion and cultural provision, and to position the programme within a broader critical framework.

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Our seminar programme aims to address the fundamental principles of the development of Brunnshög. Each event will take a specific subject (Time, Money and Land) as a point of discussion and will inform the Church’s development programme.

Participants will include internationally renowned artists, curators, architects, developers, archaeologists and writers, and will include a broad range of activities such as walks, talks, themed meals, lectures and workshops.

The seminars are open to everyone including architects, urban designers, artists, curators, academics, historians and curious locals. We’d like these events to attract audiences from Lund, Malmö, Skåne, Sweden, Copenhagen and beyond, to enable a national and international conversation.

Nothing is ever finished

The first Råängen seminar was held on 28 April 2018. Speakers from Lund, New York, Berlin and London considered the subject of time as a cultural construct and tool for project development. The theme linked to the Lund Cathedral’s presence in the town over a 900 year period (since 1123, when the east-alter in the crypt was consecrated) and the commitment to their land in Brunnshög a thousand years into the future.

We discussed the unique nature of long-term projects; the concept of earthly and heavenly time; our fragile relationship to the land; and the varying and magical ways that contemporary artists have worked with the subject of time. We challenged the idea that the future is the only place available for imaginative play; we located Råängen within the history of mankind, and considered pre-modern concepts of time as place.

CATHY HAYNES, writer, curator and artist
ANNA LAGERGREN, archeologist
FIONA RABY (Dunne & Raby), academic, architect and designer
LISA ROSENDAHL, independent curator
LENA SJÖSTRAND, Chaplain, Lund Cathedral
Chair: Jes Fernie, Råängen Curator

Speakers’ biographies
Seminar synopsis
Time Walk, Cathy Haynes
Only Time Will Tell, Lisa Rosendahl


We are keen to involve local people in the discussion about the expansion of Lund, what it means, and how art and architecture can help extend the conversation. Råängen Conversations involve local speakers and participants. All welcome!

What is heaven?

Public discussion about Nathan Coley’s artwork Heaven, Jan 2018. Photo: Henrik Rosenqvist.

We were delighted with the response to our first Conversation event held on 27 January 2018 at the Domkyrkoforum in Lund. The subject under discussion was Nathan Coley’s artwork ‘Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens’, located adjacent to Lund Cathedral between Nov 2017 and March 2018. The work was a huge talking point in the town; became the focus of many social media posts and lit up a part of Krafts Torg throughout the dark winter months.

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Who is everywhere?

For Råängen’s second public conversation, Chaplain Lena Sjöstrand invited Lund resident and high profile activist Johan Wester to discuss the questions that have arisen around Nathan Coley’s sculpture ‘And We Are Everywhere’. The artwork has initiated a lively debate in the public media and social forums which will be fed into our plans for the Brunnshög development.

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Involving children in the Råängen programme is one of our key objectives – to encourage young people to talk about the development of their town, what art can do to the spirit of a place, and what home means to them. We’d also like to amass a list of priorities for children in new developments, to ensure that their voices are heard throughout the design stages. To this end, we are working with schools and arts organisations in Lund to deliver a programme of workshops and trips for children, both at primary and secondary level.

And We Are Everywhere – schools programme about the future

In October 2018 staff at Lund Cathedral and the Skissernas Museum worked together to develop a programme of workshops and site visits to discuss Nathan Coley’s artwork ‘And We Are Everywhere’.

Children from pre-school age to secondary school took part. Day 1 entailed a visit to Brunnshög with a priest and a teacher where children explored issues raised in the work. Students talked about what was important to consider when building a new neighbourhood; what do citizens need in order to thrive?; what is the function of art and how should a city of the future look? For day 2 of the programme, children visited the Skissernas Museum where they saw other examples of site-specific artworks. They discussed the importance of public engagement and participation, continued their conversation about building new towns, and made models of an imaginary new neighbourhood.

These models are on display at the Domkyrkoforum in Lund from 9 Jan – 22 February 2019.

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